Cloud Nine Cotton Candy
*Photo courtesy of Ophelia Photography

A new spin

We are selected by American Express, Meals on Wheels, as one of the best food trucks worldwide!

Established in 2013 Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Company is a new spin on an old classic confectionary treat that brings you back to the good ol’ days when things were sweet as freshly spun sugar. Cloud Nine Cotton Candy Company is Vancouver’s first organic cotton candy event food truck and catering service. We are very proud to be apart of Vancouver’s successful  food truck industry and we are becoming prominent in the catering industry.  We service all sorts of special events from birthdays to weddings, from graduations to corporate functions and all things in between! No event or special occasion is ever too small! We are proudly based in Vancouver, BC and can be found at many festivals, farmer’s markets and special events throughout British Columbia.

Our cotton candy is gourmet, all-natural & organic! The best part of our cotton candy is that we offer over 25 different flavours that are sure to tickle your taste buds!  We are continuously working to mix up different flavours to come up with new ones!

If you have yet to try our our awesome shave ice dessert, it’s definitely a must! Our special machine literally shaves ice into fluffs of lightly powdered snow, then we add our organic, all natural syrups and top it all off with our organic condensed milk and real whipped cream!  A super popular treat for those hot Vancouver days, sure to cool you down!

New for the 2015 season are our baked mini-donuts! Which we now offer at special events and can also serve as cart service at your own private function!  Our baked mini-donuts are just that! No greasy or oily fried mess!  We offer unique flavours such as apple cider sugar, salted caramel and the classic cinnamon sugar!