Cotton Candy, the original sweet treat...

Cloud Nine Cotton Candy is the original, organic, all-natural gourmet cotton candy company in Vancouver! How is cotton candy organic you ask? Well, we use organic cane sugar as the base and then we add all-natural flavours and all-natural colors. Our cotton candy has no preservatives or no added chemicals! However, if colors of the cotton candy is of utmost importance, we also carry the non-organic flavours like Blue Raspberry, Pink Bubblegum, Pina Colada & Grape to be able to produce vibrant colors such as blue, purple, yellow and pink!

We can be typically found at Vancouver’s many local street festivals or farmer’s markets but we also offer catering! For those large events, we offer our trailer service, where we spin our cotton candy right out of our cool, retro trailer for you and your guests! But for smaller events we offer cool on –site cart service or pre-packaged cotton candy favours for your next birthday, reunion, shower, graduation, wedding or corporate event!