The Frosted Petticoat – Sweet Beginnings

Frosted Petticoat - Sweet Beginnings Ah, Spring!  A time for flowers, love, and our favorite color palette… pastels!  Like stepping out of a Springtime dream, today’s affair has all the right ingredients.  From a cotton candy truck to a heavenly dessert table, it sets the stage for a sweet beginning.  Photographer Vienna Sparrow explains the adorable concept behind these fabulous nuptials:

Sweet beginnings are about a young couple who love to have fun and to take joy in one another. The concept was built on youth, sweetness, and natural freedom. We showcase their journey from their first date until their wedding portraits.  The colour palette is full of soft pastels but focusing on the lilac, mint and gold accents. Our location at a local golf course made for a simple setting of greens, earth tones and fallen blossom petals. A great contrast to the pastels.  Having our models play the role of this young couple seemed incredibly natural and enjoyable!  We all need to stay fresh and vibrant on our relationships, whether they are new or old. What a better way to do so by adding a ton of sugar to enhance the state of mind!