VanCityBuzz – Vancouver Airport Outlet Mall grand opening attracts thousands

VanCityBuzz - Vancouver Airport Outlet Mall grand opening attracts thousandsThe McArthurGlen Outlet Mall had its grand opening, and people flocked to score deals on designer name brands like Armani, Calvin Klein, Coach, Cole Haan and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Despite the sweltering heat, the crowds were so intense that people were lining up to get into the stores, most notably at Coach and Polo Ralph Lauren.

But thankfully, there are food and drink carts to give customers a reprieve from the heat and a much needed break from shopping.

The mall is located near the airport right off the Templeton Canada Line Station. Despite their best efforts to try and transform the mall into a European oasis in the middle of Richmond, planes flying low overhead every 10 or so minutes would bring you back to reality

Nonetheless, the deals are good, the selections are excellent and it is far too easy to spend an entire day within the air conditioned confines of some of your favourite stores.

Plus there is unique art and a Cafe Artigiano coffee shop right in the middle of the plaza. And entertainment was on-hand with a Jazz trio spicing up the atmosphere.

So far the outlet mall has created more than 600 jobs, with more created indirectly within the community, particularly where tourism is concerned, according to General Manager Rob Thurlow.

Total retail space in the mall measures 240,000 square feet with 2,000 parking spaces. A second phase that will be completed in 2017 will add an additional 135,000 square feet of retail space.